Great Gnome Hunt & Woodland Fairy Walk

Legend has it that Ashcombe Maze has a resident Garden Gnome named Mazey Mike who lives in the trees and looks after the gardens.  He has lots of Gnome & Fairy friends who regularly visit and after dark they all come out to play, dancing and singing their way around the gardens in the moonlight – because that’s what Gnomes & Fairies do!

They have so much fun that they often fall asleep in the gardens during the day - maybe under bushes or high up on the tree branches. Sometimes they are so hidden that Mazey Mike can’t find them! He always needs visitors (especially children) to look carefully whilst they wander the gardens and make note of where his friends are sleeping.

That’s why all Ashcombe Maze admissions include a clipboard, pencil and answer sheet – so you can fill in the names of all the Gnomes & Fairies you spot in the gardens. 
Everyone who tries their hardest receives a lolly and a stamp for their efforts.

Remember: Mazey Mike has a lot of friends who like to visit at different times of the year and sleep in different locations, so return visitors may not find them where they think they’ll be hiding.

Good luck!

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