The lavender labyrinth at Ashcombe Maze is part of a 3000 square metre garden development set on the rolling hillside overlooking the picturesque Ashcombe Arboretum.  The 4000+ lavender plants have been used to create the winding paths of the lavender labyrinth leading to a viewing platform floating above the lavender.  Careful plant selection and garden design were used to create a garden that has lavender in flower for twelve months of the year – featuring more than 40 named varieties including popular blue & mauve varieties along with the lesser known pink, white and green varieties. Signs placed strategically around the gardens will help you determine the differences.

Whilst visiting the Lavender Labyrinth, also look out for the old, large weeping cedar; the Japanese Princess Tree (Paulownia) with its pale pink flowers; and the three types of Tulip Tree (which can take up to 25 years to begin flowering). There are also giant American Redwoods (which will still need several hundred years to achieve their full height) and the Coral Maple (Acer sango kaku ‘Sengkaki’) whose stems turn intense red during winter.

Ashcombe Maze’s main Lavender varieties are:

Lavandula Angustifolia or English Lavender

Which is not native to England in spite of its name. Angustifolia means "narrow leaved," this variety produces the best oil, pot pourri and culinary lavender

Lavandula Dentate or French Lavender

Flowers throughout the year and has fern-like grey-green aromatic leaves with blunt teeth or lobes.  This variety is used throughout the Lavender Labyrinth

Lavandula Latifolia

The parent of Lav x intermedia. The word Latifolia means "broad leafed"

Lavandula Stoechas or Italian or Spanish Lavender

This decorative Lavender flowers from winter and into spring/summer. While it is not good for oil production, it is useful for deterring moths and scenting linen

Lavandula X Allardii

Can grow up to 3 metres in height!

Lavandula X Intermedia

A hybrid of Lav. angustifolia and Lav. Latifolia, sometimes referred to as 'lavandins'. This variety is a prolific oil producer

Visitors are also able to browse the exclusive Ashcombe Lavender beauty products and gifts on 
display in the Gift Shop and the Cafe. 

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