The Rose Maze at Ashcombe Maze is the oldest circular Rose Maze in the world consisting of more than 1200 bushes and 217 different rose varieties chosen specifically for their color and perfume. The roses flower from spring through summer and into autumn and include traditional old garden rose varieties (including the rare ‘Raubritter’ with a mass of pink bell like flowers, flowering only once at the start of the season) ramblers, bush roses, climbing roses, shrub roses, bourbon roses, noisette roses, and wild (or species) roses. 

The object of a Circular Maze is to try and find your way into the Central Arbour. Despite how it looks – it is actually quite a challenge – especially in winter when there is no foliage. And once you make it to the middle, you have to remember how you did it and see if you can get out!  Just make sure you take some time to "stop and smell the roses"- the fragrance is truly beautiful.

The entrance to the Rose Maze is covered by a magnificent specimen of a rambling Boursault Rose – which has flame-like flowers for most of the year, while the Rosa ‘Mermaid’ fills the Pyramid structure near the centre of the maze – and keep an eye out for the Moss Rose with a furry stem. 

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