The Small Woodland, Lower Woodland and Arboretum is full of colour as the maples turn red, the claret ash turn burgundy and the poplars turn yellow while the Elms, Oaks and Pears create a carpet of leaves. Tip – cooler nights create more vibrant leaf colouring 


The winter flowering Hellebores (Winter Rose), Camellias and Rhododendrons add splashes of crimson and pink to the gardens.  In late winter, more than 2 million Bluebells will appear under the bare branches of the woodland trees and the Italian Lavender buds will burst into flower. Australian Native Happy Wanderer creepers appear in bright purple and white, and nectar-feeding birds enjoy the Banksias


Buds burst on all the deciduous trees. Spring bulbs appear including fragrant jonquils along Ashcombe Way and happy daffodils around the Rose Maze.  The Apple trees blossom (crab apples, maypole apples and traditional apples) and the ornamental (and non ornamental) cherries and pears bloom profusely. Australian Wattles spread their yellow pollen, and everything starts to come back into life with the spring sunshine


The architectural Acanthus in the Summer Garden raise their 2 metre high flower spires while the water lilies bask in the sun; flowering in the lily pond.  The English lavenders and the Lavandins are at their best in the summer.

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Search high and low for our resident gnomes hiding throughout the gardens. Great fun for all ages! Read more

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